Sign Of the Wave

31 Aug

For Miranda Yardley.


Outside it’s moderately
Dark and the stars are dim
It’s all still a crap substitute for

So you go out because it’s
All too boring, this ersatz darkness.
You wander

Eventually you find yourself
Desiring doors to knock on

And you say, “be careful”
And you say, “you know better”

And your smart self tells you
There’s a door
There’s a kind person
You remember

Maybe a woman
Maybe a man
But you remember
And you get yourself there
And the door is opened when you fall

You are welcomed. There is a bed. You are covered.
You sleep until dawn, and awake uncertain.
“What is this? Where am I?”

You look at your body and sheets, unstained.
Strangers are cooking. You smell breakfast.

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