Poop to Table

12 Sep

Helen Zuman

We all want to know where our food comes from, right? Or anyway we find it soothing, when dining out, to see a list of farms on the menu. That way, we can pretend that every item on our plate – even the Tater Tots! – was grown by a jolly hipster with a pitchfork.

One Brooklyn eatery is building its brand around providing patrons with even more information about their food’s origins – some might say, too much.

The first thing you see, when you step through the door of Poop to Table, is a series of vitrines displaying different kinds of shit: goose turds like splurts of olive-green oil paint; tidy piles of goat pellets (think clumped-up Raisinets); a greenish-brown mound of “road apples” (horse crap); a cow patty the size of a dinner plate. On the wall above the display is a circular arrow inscribed with the…

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