Cathy, Why Do You Hate Me?

18 Sep

I always admired you, from the start. You are smart and insightful. You have all those useful lawyer perspectives.

and all you ever did was yell at me.

i learned stuff from you. I appreciated you.

and you yelled at me again.

and again.

All I ever wanted to do was learn from you

and yes, you are sexy, but Cathy

it was less about that

more about your brilliance

and your hating me.

so here you are, always around

and I think, it would be nice to hear

what you might have to say, it might

even be helpful except

you’d just call me an asshole again

you would say i was being shitty

you would not explain anything

And thus I would again lose you

lose what you really do have to say

everything you know how to explain

all that

Is gone.


One Response to “Cathy, Why Do You Hate Me?”

  1. lovetruthcourage 2016/09/19 at 2:31 pm #

    Can’t we all just get along? <3 Miep!


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