De-Transitioning From Transgenderism: New Blog

23 Sep

“I am starting this blog as a way to offer my support to anyone who is considering or reconsidering gender transition. In the current climate, voices critiquing transgenderism are often intimidated into silence. I want to create a safe forum for those who have journeyed down, any distance, the path of transgenderism and now have doubts.

I also want to welcome health care professionals who are questioning the current medical construct of transgenderism.

In 2015, I wrote an essay, My Disservice to My Transgender Patients, which received some attention, almost all positive. Clearly, there is desire for conversation about transgenderism.

I am a medical doctor, but I will not offer advice beyond my general opinions. A blog is not an adequate means to practice medicine.”

Post by Kathy Mandigo.

2 Responses to “De-Transitioning From Transgenderism: New Blog”

  1. Angelica 2016/09/23 at 6:13 pm #

    Dear Kathy,

    Please can you explain what you mean by “transgenderism”. In my mind an -ism is an ideology, yet transgender would be a diagnosable medical or psychological condition, and I doubt many would choose to be transgender.

    Thus the word makes no more sense to me than “cisgenderism” or “homosexualism”. Surely these are not ideologies? It would probably help a lot of your readers if you could explain what you mean by it.

    Angelica :o)


    • Kathy Mandigo 2016/09/27 at 9:37 pm #

      Hi Angela,

      I agree, and if there were a medical condition involving transgender-something, it would more properly be called transgenderitis or transgenderopathy. I am simply using the language already codified.



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