No staff, no programs at UVic’s Third Space

23 Sep

Dreadful feminists, wanting to use women’s centers when there are men in need of them.

UVic Womyn's Centre

The latest news from the Third Space collective (formerly the University of Victoria Women’s Centre) comes from a source who received a letter from the collective’s governing body, the UVic Students Society. According to the letter, the staff have left or quit, and no one is currently running programs at the Third Space. Kay Gallivan’s term as Communications Coordinator has ended, and Nadia Hamdon has stepped down from her role as Finance Coordinator, the source said.

We can understand why people might distance themselves from the group, especially since it voted in August 2016 to “donate” thousands of dollars of university money to its own former Finance Coordinator, Daphne Shaed – the self-proclaimed “tranny cyborg Hindu goddess” who looks to us like a white man with a huge case of entitlement.

The Third Space collective has been in a state of chaos since it started making concessions…

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2 Responses to “No staff, no programs at UVic’s Third Space”

  1. purplesagefem 2016/09/23 at 9:13 pm #



  2. friendpilgrim 2016/09/25 at 1:36 am #

    What an appropriative asshole! And further, how the FUCK did a student group get away with just handing money over to an individual member? That’s not how student groups run with activities money are meant to work. The whole thing is ridiculously shady and I’m sickened that the university people in charge of overseeing the allocation of student activity fees allowed this scam to be perpetuated. Heads should roll over this.


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