Detransitioning Guidelines

24 Sep

From De-transitioning From Transgenderism, by Dr. Kathy Mandigo

Link here.

“These guidelines are written for clinicians who wish to provide support for those individuals who wish to stop attempts to transition to the opposite gender. These guidelines recognize that much, if not all, of transgender care is based on a conflation of gender and biology, that biologic sex cannot be changed regardless of hormones and surgery, and that attempts at biologic reassignment of gender identity is fallacious and harmful. For those individuals who have taken steps along the gender reassignment path and have realized that such efforts have not given them the biologic body they believed would solve their dysphoria, and who have recognized that their underlying dysphoria was not with their biologic body nor identified gender in the first place, it is a daunting admission to reject continued participation in the transgender narrative. For such individuals, who were promised ‘lasting personal comfort with their gendered selves,’ rejecting this narrative means not only refusing further transitioning medical intervention, which cannot be reversed, it means grieving the biologic body they cannot retrieve and facing afresh the primary dysphoria which was interpreted as gender identity. It also means, for most, a loss of community, often with severe backlash from those who remain committed to the transgender narrative.”

Please see the link for the rest.

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