Girls must play nicely. Girls must not tell lies.

13 Oct

Siân Louise

When a transgirl throws around some dangerous lies about brain sex so that everyone nods and agrees to her cry for validation about trans periods. No. Just stop your fucking noise. This. This right here is what feminists have been fighting against for CENTURIES. And now to be nice we’re supposed to nod and agree that all of us have a sexed brain in utero. No. You can call your synthetic hormonal cycle whatever you like, I have no possessive attachment to period.

Period. You know that thing inflicted on me as a girl, regular like clockwork period 4 sociology right after lunch every 4 weeks without fail. The most intense pain I’d ever experienced, fresh again every four weeks. Feeling grateful I knew it was coming so there wouldn’t be blood coming through my school uniform when I had to be excused from class, walking past all the staring…

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4 Responses to “Girls must play nicely. Girls must not tell lies.”

  1. roughseasinthemed 2016/10/16 at 1:54 am #

    The link and the original article about trans periods are fascinating. Seriously. The original trans poster is actually XXY so … But still, there’s no yucky bleeding. And the ‘cycles’ refer to the hormonal fluctuations due to the drug intake. Why people want to claim to have periods is beyond me. Best thing about the menopause. No. More. Periods. Ever.

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    • Miep 2016/10/16 at 2:04 am #

      My last one about six years back damn near killed me. Had to use my emergency opiate.


      • roughseasinthemed 2016/10/16 at 2:13 am #

        If you read the comments on the trans OP there was also a reference to menopause and pap smears. I assume we’ll be hearing about trans pregnancies next.


        • Miep 2016/10/16 at 2:15 am #

          Believe that’s been done. Poe’s law.


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