Informed consent …

14 Oct

Detransitioning from Transgenderism

Yesterday, working in a colleague’s clinic, I saw a transgender patient (male to female) who came in for a refill of his estrogen and testing for sexually transmitted infections, which he said he did every six months “just in case.”  As I asked and discussed with the patient issues such as risk factors for sexually transmitted disease, existence of new signs or symptoms, length of time on estrogen and if a specialist oversaw this medication, if the patient understood the possible risks (such as breast cancer, even in a “natal male”) of taking estrogen, it became clear that the patient did not understand these issues, and even seemed to believe that what constituted a vagina for him was exactly the same as the vagina of a “natal female.”  I later found out that this patient has a congenital condition (genetic) that, among other traits, impairs his cognitive abilities.  This scenario…

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One Response to “Informed consent …”

  1. roughseasinthemed 2016/10/16 at 2:10 am #

    Informed consent doesn’t even happen for your average person awaiting basic surgery in hospital. When I was asked to sign a consent form two years ago, I put my two surgeons through the mill. The form clearly asks you to say all risks, procedures, potential side effects blah blah had been explained. And. They. Had. Not.

    The only reason I had any idea about informed consent was ten years working in the NHS. Francis, one of my surgeons, was fascinated. He said everyone else always signed without question. Didn’t even read the form.


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