Monsters: stories by Derrick Jensen (Fundraiser)

25 Apr


Monsters is a collection of wild, weird, and whimsical tales with a twist. These stories are not about mythical creatures; here, the creatures speak for themselves. There’s an orc who hates Tolkein, a young demon awash in teenage angst, an angel abandoned by Jesus who finds the Fates. Jensen creates a world both delicately dreamlike and all too real, where the villain is sometimes the victim and evil is not always what we thought. By turns macabre, melancholy, and magical, these stories will leave you wondering who the real monsters are.

The book contains 48 original illustrations by nine artists. The money raised will go to pay the artists, editors, designer, and printer.

You can support this fundraiser, and pre-order a copy of the book, and then some, here:

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