Rae Story, Exited Prostituted Woman, Fabulous Author

16 Aug

Exited prostituted women constitute an actual lobby. Their voices are critical.

Though it would be perfectly seemly to arrange my astounding musical outfit around my own fine self, it might be incumbent upon me to rope in the collective. Perhaps  the bassoon mastery of some proper grown up mate’s  short suffering, nerd teen. She’ll say, “Rae’s a sad, silly sort…she’s woefully unsuccessful personally, occupationally and spiritually…can you just help her out a bit with her ‘band’ on Saturdays?” And my sister, doodles, who did use to play the piano but has given that up in favour of her aside in thigh slapping, foot tapping, and making herrraaannnnng noises at passing cars.

Learning Thirty: What I have Understood About Dissent (nothing)

Rae is exited and trying to stay that way, but it’s hard when your benefits have been cut and you have chronic post-traumatic stress disorder from sexual abuse.

Indeed, forums grew in popularity wherein the punters would engage in discussions about prostitutes they had encountered in person or seen online, forensically adjudicating on their “merit.” I don’t know a single woman in the business that hasn’t been ripped apart by these techno wolves for being too fat, too old, too ugly, too expensive, or too tame.


You can help, if you want. For as little as one dollar a month, you can support Rae’s Patreon account.

Nonetheless, now freed, those elegant white sticks found themselves dangled between the red sofa lips of starlets and models everywhere, littered in abundance on film posters and in commercial advertising. Of course all it meant, in material terms, was more women spent more money on something they didn’t actually need. It was almost as though the proto-feminism of the day had been sold a pup.

Buying Freedom

It may not seem like enough to matter, but a thousand women supoorting Rae’s amazing voice for a dollar a month could mean the difference between her suffering more abuse, and instead having enough financial security to continue her work as an advocate for prostituted women unimpeded.

Or, as the image is created through surrealist automation (the process by which the artist just ‘gets the image down’ without prior planning), is this more accurately about a man’s need to dehumanize women – in order to enjoy them – directly projected on to a ‘sort of’ female body? A distorted, mosaic like body. The masculinist vision of female sexual functionality. Women’s bodies as a veritable jigsaw of sexual referentials, that can be wrenched apart and put together again in any number of different, delectable compositions. Breasts here, thighs there.

The Work of Suzzan Blac

This is Rae’s Patreon account.


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  1. Rae Story 2017/08/16 at 5:01 am #

    Thank you!! :)


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