The Eye Of God

20 Aug


Eclipse photos: Wendy Carlos

I look up. Incredible! It is the eye of God. A perfectly black disk, ringed with bright spiky streamers that stretch out in all directions.
Jack B. Zirker Astronomer Emeritus Sacramento Peak – National Solar Observatory

Since the beginning of human civilisation, people have connected the Sun with the eye of God.

Animation credit: Robin Edgar.

The right eye of the ancient Egyptian sky god, Horus, was the Sun. In Hindu mythology Surya , the Sun god, is called the eye of Varuna the god of the heavens. The Persian Sun god Mithras was believed to be the eye of Ahura Mazda, the creator god. The Greek god Helios was the god of the Sun as well as the god of Sight, and was portrayed as an eye with rays surrounding it. The Japanese Sun goddess Amaterasu was born from the left eye of…

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