You should’ve asked

20 Aug

Well this is just fantastic.


Here is the english version of my now famous “Fallait demander” !

Thanks Una from for the translation :)

You should've asked_001You should've asked_002You should've asked_003You should've asked_004You should've asked_005You should've asked_006You should've asked_007You should've asked_008You should've asked_009You should've asked_010You should've asked_011You should've asked_012You should've asked_013You should've asked_014You should've asked_016You should've asked_017You should've asked_018You should've asked_019You should've asked_020You should've asked_021You should've asked_022You should've asked_023You should've asked_024You should've asked_025You should've asked_026You should've asked_027You should've asked_028You should've asked_029You should've asked_030You should've asked_031You should've asked_032You should've asked_033You should've asked_034You should've asked_035You should've asked_036You should've asked_037You should've asked_038You should've asked_039You should've asked_040

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2 Responses to “You should’ve asked”

  1. mousesquared 2017/08/20 at 1:14 am #

    That comic explains the problem perfectly. I was thinking all this while tidying the house yesterday. Some men excuse it by doing physically demanding things like big gardening jobs (chopping down trees and building sheds, not weeding) or DIY. My partner painted the windowsills last week and got extremely upset when I didn’t notice. He doesn’t notice me washing dishes, though. It’s the boring, daily chores that get left to women.

    My dad is a neat freak and used to redo all the chores my mother and I did around the house when I lived at home, as they weren’t done to his standards. He would do this while complaining loudly. That was even worse than your standard lazy man.

    The only way around this is for women to keep reminding men of this situation, by doing things like making this comic.

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  2. purplesagefem 2017/08/20 at 6:36 am #

    Awesome comic!


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