Liberal Values Don’t Apply

3 Sep


My Only Path to Power

An ex-friend of mine has jumped on the trans bandwagon. A year ago he and his long-term girlfriend (now broken up, what a surprise) were the ultimate underemployed, granola, anti-establishment hippies.

Now, of course, he’s a devotee of Lancome Voluminous Lash Booster and Big Pharma.

All around me I’m watching liberals:

  • Criticize consumerism and capitalism. Unless you’re trans, in which case you require thousands of dollars in make-up, clothing, surgery, and drugs.
  • Criticize Big Pharma, plastic surgery and the medicalization of personality variance. Unless you’re trans, in which case every cosmetic procedure you want is a life-or-death need and you should totally sign up for dangerous elective surgeries and lifelong dependency on off-label drugs.
  • Promote self-acceptance and criticize body-shaming. Unless you’re trans. Then your body is wrong and should be fixed.
  • Criticize gender stereotypes as harmful to women. Unless you’re trans. Then they are an innate feature of your brain and a…

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