We Are Sorry

3 Sep

Help Help Help

Please help, I am not
Asking much, just that you notice

I know there are horrors
About which I am not
Personally informed

I talk too much. My sorrows are tiresome.
Any poem I write is going to be too long.

I come from a caste that believes in happiness. As if
It was a thing.

I am sorry, not that you asked
For a character reference.

I am weary, and inexcusable.

The emptiness of my life
Can never compare to the horrors
Of which we do not speak.

The only way out of a double bind
Is to smash it.

Such smashing is something of a crapshoot
Especially for those of us
Still inhabiting the towers.

Oh horrors,
You are just about our mindsets, often as not
Moss and rats and tardigrades
Slime mold and cockroaches
Bring it on.

Make what you can
Within our detritus
Your good manners
About our embarrassments
Shine on.

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