That Has Such People In It

6 Oct

I think at times about how I am a terrible friend. I don’t ask questions. You are supposed to ask questions, but I don’t know the right questions to ask. I fear I will ask the wrong questions. And then it will be terrible.

So what happens is I wind up just asking odd questions that make it be about me. And that’s wrong. That doesn’t work.

But on the Internet, we show ourselves differently, so that makes it harder to know what questions to ask. We cannot ask “You look tired, can I get you something?” We cannot see each other’s immediate beings, and this makes it really hard to know which questions to ask. We cannot see each other crying and know what to do.

All we can do is try to hope that we will somehow know when each other of us are crying, and then, somehow, also get some feeling about what to do about all this pain that we cannot really see, let alone hear.

Whatever we come up with will never be close to enough, and we know that too.

This is our brave new world, they tell us. I think it is the ruins of our old one, just with fancier lighting.

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