Why Do You Hate Prairie Dogs, Facebook?

11 Nov

A37313A3-3A02-49C5-9EFF-9D77FCDCB11FFacebook is giving bans to and threatening the Prairie Protection Colorado page for calling out developers who just recently unnecessarily poisoned prairie dogs in Colorado. Several posts were deleted and an admin was given a ban.

This is outrageous. Please help them fight this outrageous censorship.














One Response to “Why Do You Hate Prairie Dogs, Facebook?”

  1. delilahjeanwilliams 2017/11/12 at 12:30 pm #

    Since Facebook implemented its “Community Standards,” several months ago, to “protect” the members, it has unfairly put people on “restriction,” without explanation or response to “appeals.” Many believe they are doing this in part to keep people from sharing and promoting their work, because they want you to pay them to promote your page. Plus, it appears to be automated and leaves victims with little recourse, because they don’t seem to care. We are adults and have the ability to use the delete or hide options, but FB has moved to punish members, who are simply trying to protest.


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