Who Is In Charge?

1 Dec

Here we go merrily, merrily
Here we go merrily, with all our machines

Fumbling, bumbling, tumbling

Further along, we’ll learn all about it
Further along, we’ll understand why

I wrote today of property, science, and nuclear death
As if these presented separate problems that we might address
At our convenience.

As if they did not all present a sort of unified religious theory
About us.

Us and our gods
Whom we don’t seem to know
How to do without

We remake them every time we forsake them
Like jilted lovers hounding the doorsteps of strangers
Because anybody is better than nobody
Even if they call the cops
Even if they kill you
At least it’s a form of contact.

At least you know somebody was paying attention
There at the end, and that they cared
Bad strokes are better than no strokes at all.

There are stories of other religions
But we’ve largely forgotten them, fixated as we are
On our gadgets.

We know more and more
Of the bitter end
The brutal slap, the sweet release.

The final exit. But the show must go on
Like any hell, this is eternity

And as with any true sin
We get exactly what we deserve
We really did ask for it
Now if only
We could remember
What made this seem so important
So necessary
So much more critical
Than the smell of honey locust in the spring
The flight of the hawk at dawn
The slow slither of snails

If only we could remember
Just who did this to us
Maybe then, we could start to learn.





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