Word Game Ads

20 Dec

These gamer video ads on the
Faux Scrabble platforms
Are driving me up a wall.

These elfs. These walls. These poorly drawn
Hollywood stages.

And the peanut butter cups where they make you
Go out of your way to turn off the sound.

This is just inexcusable. If I wanted
Fucking peanut butter cups
I would buy fucking peanut butter cups

I know how to find and buy things
I know about peanut butter cups

I personally cannot stand them
Doomed mix of adulturated nut butter, ersatz chocolate
And salt that they are.
I consider them anathema

And yet here they are
Being advertised in this wretched online faux Scrabble
Where they keep you upgrading so you can pay to cheat better

Probably good practice for all those games
With those poorly drawn elfs

Is there no end to this madness? Will I end my days
Subjected to horrible peanut butter cup adverts?

Will this be my life? Will these be my friends, in my ancientness
Squabbling over failing games played on failing electrical grids

With failing people I’ve never met
In real life, as we say on the Internet

Though I hear people on the Internet are real.

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