Cat Meanderings

15 Jan


Charlotte has been a trash communicator for years. She speaks to me by trashing the rooms. Flock! Off in the middle of the night, an empty plastic gallon jug falls to the floor. That was where this got started.

Charlotte rapidly learned that she could manipulate me by thusly interfering with our environment. What Charlotte generally wants is in, out, or new and thus better food. That’s pretty much her itinerary in this conversation.

Once she got me trained to let her out when she knocked down empty plastic bottles, I started keeping the empty plastic bottles elsewhere. Then she moved in to the sink, where I feed her, and took to moving her can in the metal food bowl around and around and around in the sink in the wee hours. At one point before I introduced the metal food bowl for the can in order to decrease the food scraps in the sink, she fished the stainless steel sink trap out of the sink with a claw or three and deposited it firmly upon the floor. I woke up. I let her out. Or fed her. I’m not sure.

When she wants in, she throws herself high upon the front door, where she makes a resounding thump and then claws her way down. This, too, awakens me fairly reliably, even from the most compelling of dreams.

Meanwhile, Charlotte has continued to evolve her methods of informing me she wants new and thus better food. This involves one of my favorite drawings, which is pinned on a wall in here just barely low enough for her to reach the edge.

She goes for it at times. I speak sharply to her and I get up to see what she wants. Sometimes this means “new food.” But sometimes it means “pay attention to me as I go and eat more of what’s left of the old food.”

Lately Charlotte has taken to spraying. She sprayed the dog food bag for a bit. She sprayed me in the bathroom. And then she took to waltzing across my sitting room to the electrical outlet there and spraying the wall a couple of inches to the left of it.

I took a bottle of mint-scented flea soap that didn’t particularly work on Falcor (who is a dog) and hosed down the wall to try to discourage this new development. Never deterred, Charlotte continued to approach the wall in a suggestive manner, now and then, when she knew I was looking.

Charlotte hates to be picked up. I did it anyway. When I saw her doing this, I went nicely over to the electrical outlet and sweet-talked her as she yowled in my arms and deposited her outside.

We did that twice. The third time, when I got up to capture this cat, she trotted over to the front door to be let out.

What just happened there?

5 Responses to “Cat Meanderings”

  1. bone&silver 2018/01/17 at 1:44 pm #

    Cats. Are. Hilarious.
    And mine hates being picked up too, although he’s super affectionate in all other ways. When. It. Suits. Him.


    • Miep 2018/01/17 at 4:44 pm #

      My mom’s cat is like this too. I figure it’s a tortoise shell thing in this case.

      Liked by 1 person

      • bone&silver 2018/01/17 at 5:26 pm #

        My cat has tortoiseshell in him too- maybe that’s why!? We need to run a poll of ‘difficult cat breeds’ or something


        • Miep 2018/01/17 at 5:40 pm #

          Tortoise shell and calico aren’t breeds so much as the result of having a reddening-on and a reddening-off gene. This is sex-linked, which is why male calicos and tortoise shells are so rare. They’re XXY, I think. The way it works, as I recall, is at some point during development, cells are assigned either reddening-on or reddening-off, and then all daughter cells keep that trait.

          This will also, I believe, result in there being twice as many male orange and black cats as female, because males only have on or off and females have to have two of either to not be torties or calicos.

          Torties are known for being kind of weird. Not sure about calicos.

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