Deidra Sullivan: Dear Women’s March Organisers – Name the Problem of Pornography

15 Jan

writing by renee

This letter can be edited or sent as is to Women’s March organisers in your area. Suggested Subject line heading: Name the problem: Pornography is male sexual violence against women.

Dear Women’s March organizers,

Thank you for the time, energy and effort you have put into organizing the women’s march initiative, and in advocating for women’s right to be free from male violence in all aspects of our lives. The strength and power we collectively gained from the January 2017 march was inspirational.

This year, I implore you to specifically name the sexual violence committed by men against women in pornography as part of the problem. We cannot separate the violence committed against women in pornography (and prostitution) from domestic violence, stranger violence, or other forms of sexual violence perpetrated against women. To identify this violence is not to blame women for the situations they are in: it is to…

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