Happy Retrograde Station Everybody

26 Jul

Happy Mercury Retrograde Station everybody!

This means all the creepup on cray is pretty much hitting its peak. Now the dam is broke and everyone is flowing downstream in the debris. I hope your rafts run unpunctured, my friends.

When Mercury goes direct station, you can really get a grip on what the hell just happened. That’s not until around August 19, so you’ve got lots of time. Meanwhile, I strongly suggest getting off the Internet more and thinking about art and nature.

It’ll do you good.

Mercury Retrogrades run three times a year, they have buildups, culminations and bringdowns. They remind me of menstrual cycles, only slower.

I am increasingly thinking that this is a powerful myth women invented, way back when. Women who got erased. That there are cycles when women speak out. That they come with the seasons. That they are inevitable. That they always have been.

Just imagine, if there was all this female stuff that just got erased except much more than is currently even suggested.

Including that men will listen, over time. Because, say, “women will not allow you to choose otherwise. We will wear you down like water. We will wear you down like sea. We will wear you down like roots in rock and we will burn you like fire.”

“But most importantly, we will own your stories. You cannot make us redundant. You are from us. You cannot commit sacrilege against us and expect to get away with it.”

Imagine if that was what patriarchal cultures erased. Imagine how many times this might have happened, this erasure.

It’s so much about stories.

One Response to “Happy Retrograde Station Everybody”

  1. pantypopo 2018/07/26 at 4:46 pm #

    I think the volume of women’s knowledge which men have erased, destroyed or distorted is vast, and that we have only scratched the surface.


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