Retrograde Poem Number 9

28 Jul


Questions, Questions

How many years does it take for security to fix the break?

How does it come, this fixing? Do I get to have an appointment?

Do you become made of other things? Do you chelate? Is there something the matter with you? Are there needs for such decisions in advance? Also, when are we late?

Is that always a part of your new start, this breakage? Is that really a given, or are there other sorts of slippage?

If you are different, what is the difference that was taken from you? That’s what they used to tell me way back when

Back when I was courted innocent by dealers of various sorts

Dealers of myths, mostly.

And I went. Oh, I went. It was The Map and I have always kind of been good at least at reading, if not following directions.

And I’m still stuck all stuck-up, wondering whether it was maybe not a taken piece that made me less, so much as different, in ways

Ways that are not quite as special as I might like. I might be more, I might be less, but these are all just protrusions, right? More fodder to the compass.

No rest for the weary
No rest for the wicked

Why is it so hard to decide?

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