End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock

30 Oct

“From acclaimed documentary filmmaker Shannon Kring comes END OF THE LINE, the incredible story of a group of indigenous women willing to risk their lives to stop the Dakota Access oil pipeline construction that desecrated their ancient burial and prayer sites and threatens their land, water, and very existence.

But there was another prophecy: the women, as the guardians of the waters and protectors of all life, would rise.

They are the brave survivors. Among them, the descendant of the female warrior who fought the US Cavalry alongside Sitting Bull. The great-grandmother who was fired upon at Wounded Knee in 1973. The lifelong activist who became a part of the system in order to defeat it.

They are the daughters and granddaughters of brave survivors. People who escaped genocide, only to be robbed of their lands and herded onto reservations. Children who were taken from their families and placed in non-Native boarding schools and foster homes where they suffered further abuse. Today, these women tell their own tragic stories. Stories ranging from forced sterilization to substandard medical care.

Yet somehow the spirit of these women has not been broken. The women of Standing Rock vow to protect Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. It is their responsibility to the ancestors and to the seven generations to come. This is their last stand.

End of the Line is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. Show your support here.”


Deep Green Resistance News Service

Source: End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock

Love Letter with Warning Label

28 Oct

Easilyriled's Blog

I’m teaching this semester.  three 3-credit courses, each with between 29 and 35 students or so. It’s the same course, so that’s a blessing. And I’ve taught it several times before. It’s called Educational Studies 401: Education, Schools and Social Institutions, and it’s one of many required courses for pre-service teacher candidates here at my university. I LOVE it. Well, the students, I love them. And mostly I like what we get to teach. A bit of theory, a bit of policy criticism, a bit of history, some sociology, a heap o’ feminism (in my case), and — increasingly — gender-critical feminist pedagogy. I don’t know if that’s really a thing, “gender-critical feminist pedagogy”, but it should be. Every damn year there has been more and more promotion of ‘trans-inclusion’, ‘support for trans and gender-variant kids’, ‘celebrating diversity’ and ‘queering the curriculum/language/inquiry/etc’.

One of the assignments for this course is…

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To Have Fun With Anyone

25 Oct

Best advice I’ve read all week.

Poor Impulse Control

Here in the Northeast, a chill is in the air. I’m relieved to say so, since it’s late October and last week it was inexplicably over 80 degrees for a few days. You know what autumn for realz means: leaves will fall and you will eat soup. This is not a recipe, but it plays one on TV.

First: go to a farm, a farmstand or a farmers market. Talk to a farmer! Farmers are so interesting! Pick out your favorite soup vegetables, even better if they’re organic. Which vegetables? Well, ask yourself this tricky question: Hey, you, what things are delicious? Then buy those. The farmer wins!

Prepare your vegetables for roasting. You may peel things. Here, I peeled a butternut squash and a passel of apples. I chopped up the peels and fed them to the chickens. The chickens win! I quartered onions and saved the tops and…

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Reviewing the research on transgendering our youth …

25 Oct

Detransitioning from Transgenderism

Here is the full text of the article.  I have highlighted some salient points, such as the comment about the prevalence of mental health issues among gender dysphoric youth and that it has not been evaluated how these are related (ie does gender dysphoria arise out of other mental health issues?) and that the prevalence of gender dysphoria varies across different countries, which I believe suggests that it is culturally-influenced, and thus more an expression of anxiety than of an underlying innate problematic gender.  Of alarming note is that the incidence of gender dysphoria is rising among young women:  we are at risk of losing our women!

Gender dysphoria in children and adolescents: a review of recent research 

Johannes Fussa , Matthias K. Auerb , and Peer Brikena

Institute for Sex Research and Forensic Psychiatry, Center for Psychosocial Medicine, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg and b Neuroendocrinology, Max Planck Institute…

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“Better Together”

22 Oct


What is GYNX?

22 Oct



“Miranda Yardley”

18 Oct


Sitting with my Twenty Year-Old Self, Remembering She is Me

17 Oct



I got my letter to start hormones after two visits and I got it even though I told my therapist that my mom had killed herself a few months earlier. I started testosterone about three months after my mom’s suicide. The therapist I was seeing expressed some concerns but decided to go ahead and let me start hormones because I’d already been living as a guy for about two years at that point, had always felt “masculine” and had been identifying as some kind of trans for five years. I’d already decided I wanted to transition before my mom killed herself. As far as I know, my therapist made no connection between my trans identity and the trauma of experiencing my mom’s depression and death. I think she was more concerned with how transitioning is a major life change that can be hard enough to handle without having to deal…

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The Old Woman and the Very Short Fat Woman

17 Oct

Once upon a time, long ago, there lived an old woman in a forest. She had lived in the forest for a very long time, with her husband, who was a forest gnome. They were very happy together. She had a magic kitchen and he decorated the trees in the fall, and magicked the house so that the trees would remember not to fall on it.

But after many years, the woman’s gnome husband died, after a long illness. She had never felt quite this alone before. It was scary.

But, she made do, because that’s what she was made of. She made pictures of his death, and of the others from the gnome world coming to gently take him away. And she gave away all his paints to the neighbors, and tried to keep out from under the trees.

Sometimes, she would go out and talk to the trees. “I know my gnome husband is no longer here, and I do not speak tree very well,” she’d say. Or she would say, “My, but you’re looking lovely today.”

One day, one of her other friends in the forest, a very fat short woman almost as old as she was, came to her with a terrible tale. Her husband had left her and her sons had betrayed her, and her husband was coming to kill her. She knew not what to do.

The old woman said “Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out.” And then they talked for a long time, and made a few phone calls. And before you knew it, the very short fat woman was going to be on her way to another place far, far away from these terrible men.

The two women were so excited that they couldn’t sleep. When dawn came, they had finished packing all the very short woman’s books and clothes, all her magic herbs, and her stash of silver to fund her on her trip. But before she left, they both took a walk into the center of the forest to the magic stream, so that the very fat short woman could say goodbye to her home from the center.
When they returned, however, they couldn’t get into the house. The very short fat woman’s husband had returned and changed all the locks.

The old woman called into the house. “Please, you may have the house. The very fat short woman is leaving. We won’t put up a fight. Please, may we at least have the books?”

They heard a roaring grumble inside the house. A book came flying out the window and landed in a clump of moss.

The old woman sighed and looked at the sky, up at the trees towering all around the house. How she wished her gnome husband was still here to talk to these terrible men!

As she gazed, the sky changed imperceptibly. A light breeze blew up, and rapidly grew stronger. The sky darkened and the wind started howling.

The two women stood cowering in awe. They backed over and crouched down into low spot. And as they watched the trees bowing in the gale, one of them, an elderly, enormous tree, uprooted herself and fell directly across the very fat short woman’s house, crushing it.

Just as miraculously as they had come, the winds left and the sky cleared. The two women got up out of the gully and walked hesitantly towards the house. The roof was all broken and they could see in some.

The man was dead, his back crushed by a roof beam. Nearby, the very short fat woman’s boxes of books and clothing and magical herbs lay a little scattered by the wind, but were otherwise in good shape.

The two women looked at each other in amazement. And smiled.

The very short fat woman travelled safely to her new home, and the old woman stayed on in the forest. And no man ever fucked with her unto the day she died.

Dear New York Times

16 Oct

Regarding this article:

“And in an age of gender fluidity, the word (sex) is hard to define.” It’s defined as “not gender.”

“The new interpretation has some science to back it up.” No. It doesn’t.

“Call it prudishness, if you like, but such modesty is common.” I call it “living in a rape culture.”

“But we have to ask whether physical modesty is tantamount to racism.” Like hell we do.

“A transgender girl may go to the girls’ sex-ed class.” Which this boy needs to do exactly why?

“The guidelines largely extend to sports teams as well.” Even when boys are bigger than girls. Thanks a lot.

“The agencies may have walked themselves into a legal contradiction.” Doesn’t that suggest to you that maybe there is a problem with all of this?

“The girls have sincere moral or religious beliefs that they must practice modesty.” This is irrelevant.

“A student who did nothing more than act like a typical girl.” A typical stalker, you mean.

“Religious pluralism requires accommodation of the demure.” Stop trying to make this be about religion.

“Transgender individuals have more reason to worry about violence.” Prostituted TW of color do, otherwise it’s women and girls who win this unfortunate lottery.

“Switching from one sex to the other” Body mods do not change your sex.

You’re welcome.

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