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So I Decided To Draw A Wall

3 Mar

I didn’t really like how “Walled Garden” turned out. But what I noted was that I really liked drawing the walls.

So I thought maybe I should try making a wall the subject of a piece. This is what it turned into.


Yeah. I like this much better. Thank you, muse!

Walled Garden

3 Mar

I was talking to my mother via email the other day about the difficulties of living in a small town and frequently running into people one was acquainted with but did not want to engage with. She told me I should think of myself as being inside my walled garden; just because they talk to me doesn’t mean I have to talk to them, they are talking but it’s not to me.

I liked this. I can see using this as a kind of mantra so I don’t get so stressed out every time I go out in public. It’s helpful.

Then I tried to draw the walled garden. I tried three times and below is the third effort. 

Sometimes when I try to draw an idea and try to include things I think should be in there, the drawing just fails. Thus does drawing speak to and teach me.

Every time I tried to draw the walled garden, the common factors were the chair and the near-dead tree. The bird came into the last one, this one, because it makes me feel more comfortable to draw weird bird caricatures on my drawings for some reason.

As is often the case, when I actually try to draw an idea, it comes out telling me something I didn’t expect. I guess it’s a form of talking to myself in a different language.

walled garden

What this drawing tells me is that the walled garden is a pretty small place, there is not much it, but it might be a place for rebirth. But even the sprouting dead tree and the bird look so sad. And the chair is empty. But it’s growing roots. 

I thought after I drew this version that maybe the chair should be sprouting, not the tree. Maybe I’ll do it that way if I draw this again.

We Colors

17 Feb












Also, have some cats. These are Charlotte and Jess. I forgot I had these photos on my camera when I dredged it up to photograph my colored scribblings, and this was a pleasant surprise.

Jess got trapped by my neighbor and got to live on a manor farm with heated doghouses. Charlotte, the tortie, is still with us.

Charlotte and Jess 2

Wording With Draws

30 Jan

I got to thinking that maybe I could get my mind off my troubles, and those of the world, by drawing. So I bought some pastels and some acid-free 11 x 14 paper. 

Tonight I drew some. I drew out of my head, like a kid would draw. I just played around with the chalk, seeing what the 48 colors would do. I wound up making a forest enclosure and a flaming tree. The forest enclosure revealed itself after I made it. The flaming tree was more overt and less successful, but it has its good points.

This was fun and soothing. I recommend doing this. But what wasn’t good was that there is nowhere near enough browns and greens in this box of chalk. And not enough black. This culture is everywhere!!

And of course I’m going to endlessly break the chalk via using it from different angles and pressing on it for different effects. This is not a problem. But I definitely need more greens and browns and certain shades of oranges, and a lot more black.

Thus are addictions born.

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