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Bite Me, Daily Kos

3 Mar

Why do I keep caring about you people?

I keep reading about your problems. I’ve sent some of you money when you were financially stressed.

I kept up there for you even after you took to shunning me.

Now you are all busy saying “Oh Miep is so bad and crazy.”

I was there for you. I was there for you and you forgot about me because I was banned.

Cowards, all of you. You’re welcome.

Texas Court Rules Transgender Marriage Legal

13 Feb


(Blog post by Robyn Serven)

I agree with Robyn that it would be better if Texas let people who identify as transgender marry anyone, not just people who identify as members of the opposite sex.

I would go as far as to say I believe this should go for people who don’t identify as transgender as well. Marriage is discriminatory, it provides rights civil contracts do not. A salient example is that in some states unmarried couples are forbidden from adopting. There is no benefit to this other than job security for those working in the orphan business. 

And what happens to unwanted children who age out of the foster care system? They have no familial fallback position, poor training, and often become part of the homeless population and fall into all sorts of abuse. If they are gender-nonconforming, it can be even worse.

Those who argue civil contract law language can be changed to enable those not allowed to marry, ignore the huge amount of law involved in various jurisdictions and levels thereof. And saying some people should be allowed to marry and others only allowed civil contracts is just another flavor of separate but equal. People should be able to marry whatever consenting adult wants to marry them, and the only restrictions on child adoption should be related to the likelihood of the child being provided a reasonable and non-abusive home. Because it beats hell out of winding up on the streets.

Transgender Suicide

12 Feb

Here’s Horace’s latest piece about transgender people, regarding a report from the Williams Institute:


Quote from the report:

“The study suggests that several minority stressors – negative experiences related to anti-transgender bias – may contribute to elevated prevalence of suicide attempts among transgender people, such as experiences of harassment, family rejection, housing instability, and discrimination in health care. Over half of those who experienced harassment or bullying in schools reported lifetime suicide attempts, as did 57 percent of those who reported that their family chose not to speak/spend time with them.  High prevalence of suicide attempts was also found among those who had ever experienced homelessness (69%) and those who reported a doctor or healthcare provider refused to treat them (60%).”

These are going to be stressors for anyone and clearly all constitute circumstances no one should have to tolerate. But self-reports of attempted suicide are problematic without external confirmation. If your agenda is to get people to believe something that they are disinclined otherwise to believe, threatening to kill yourself if they don’t go along with it might well be an attractive stance to take. But since some transgenders also periodically threaten to kill feminists, that throws such proclivities for violence in a somewhat different light. Perhaps it seems healthier to direct one’s violence outwards than inwards, but it’s no solution to anything.

Overall, those who claim radical feminism do help stir this pot when they mock transgenders (and please note not all radical feminists engage in this), but a conflict arises when suggesting they not do so, because women are so weary of being told to shut up thusly, when we are subjected endlessly to being mocked by men. So we’re angry at oppressive men, transgenders are angry at everyone who doesn’t believe in transgender philosophy, and thus we can fall into framing each other as the enemy.

Transgenders can be explosive about being “misgendered,” as if this is tantamount to being murdered or called subhuman, as opposed to simply a different understanding of what gender is.  Transactivists frame this as their not being accepted as their “real” gender, radical feminists frame this as the culture at large being unaccepting of and feeling threatened by those who do not conform to prescribed gender roles. This is about the difference between actual sex, and expected gender performance.

What we don’t see, from inside this culture, is what things would be like for people in a culture that does not engage in gender role conditioning. Would there be male violence in such a culture, including suicidal ideation and actions? Would there be people with intense identifications with one biological sex or the other? Would there be all this anxiety and searching for belonging via specific gendered roles?

We can’t answer this without changing the culture, and we can’t change the culture as long as people cling to gender roles and identities. Thus we are at something of an impasse. It is unfortunate, as gender roles are really just another kind of prison.

“A cage went in search of a bird.” – Franz Kafka

No, We Are Not Sockpuppets

10 Feb

Wall Nietszche

We are individual actual humans who want all of us to be free from the constraints of patriarchy, including you who identify as transgender.

We support the right of humans to marry any other consenting adult they wish. I doubt you could find a DGR member who thinks it important that “sex” even be a box on a marriage contract.

We do not support violence against humans who identify as transgender, even though some of you do it to us.

We fully support freedom of gender and sexual expression, as long as it does not encompass pedophilia or non-consensual sexual behavior. 

We deplore the abuses of pornography and prostitution, but also abhor punishing humans, mostly women, who are used thusly.

Our work is to encourage respect for all life, and such must start at home, with our own species.

 Biological sex just is what it is, and can’t be imagined away. But gender roles are damaging constructs that are hardest on women. When XY people want to be considered XX people, they ignore how hard it is on XX people who are born, bred and socialized as women, to be expected to give you top billing, because of your oppression.

We know non-conforming XY humans have a hard time of it. Because Gender is really strict. You have a penis and want to wear pink? The gender police will go after your ass. 

You are XX and have zero interest in performing femininity, like me?

The gender police will go after your ass too. 

We’re all being victimized by this crap.

But we’re also all colonized by it, including XY humans who talk themselves into female spaces and behave like gender-colonized men; sexually acting out, scaring women and girls. And yes, even raping them, when XY people with intact genitalia are housed with XX people in prisons.

This happens. We’re not just making it up.

Radical feminists and allies are not out to get people who have gender identity issues. Our hopes are that you can work your way past the horrible things this culture has done to you, and understand that our goal is to free everyone from the horrible laws of gender.

But meanwhile, we work to protect women and girls, who have been sadly abused for centuries. We can’t put men first, even when you have been sadly abused yourselves. We especially cannot do this if you insist on invading women’s spaces. 

We have so little, and men have so much. We’re not just here for you to lean on. We have our own goals that often have nothing to do with supporting human males. Sometimes we even want to work to save our world from imploding into self-destruction.

Is it so much to ask of women that you let us do this? 

The essay in question:


One of Xavier’s comments. It’s worth reading them all, he did such an excellent job of debating here. 

Read them all. All the DGR radical feminist advocates, both male and female, handled this with integrity. 


Tell Daily Kos To Stop Libeling Radical Feminists

8 Feb

Tell Daily Kos To Stop Libeling Lierre Keith


Being gender critical is not being a “transgender exterminist.” 

Click on the “help” link at the top right of the page and tell Markos to stop letting his members libel feminists. 

Also, this:

Thank you all so much for your support of Lierre Keith, feminism, and free speech! Those mobilizing to blacklist Lierre are pushing back strongly, and we want to make sure that the University of Oregon gets the message loud and clear: LET HER SPEAK!

We’re at over 700 signatures, and we want to keep up the momentum. The more signatures we can gather, the more powerfully we can speak the truth: there is a vast community of support behind this woman, and we will not be intimidated.

Our opposition is resorting to smears, misquotes, and misinformation in their campaign to tarnish Lierre’s reputation and bully the University of Oregon into cancelling her talk (as you can read about on their petition here: https://www.change.org/petitions/university-of-oregon-cancel-lierre-keith?utm_source=supporter_message&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=petition_message_notice). We can’t let them win!

Please share this petition via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, post it to your websites, email your friends, and help us get to 1,000 signatures. This is a rare case when petitions can make a difference – take the time now to share this widely!


20 Apr

Today was kind of about guys. I emailed an old friend with whom I’d fallen out, and suggested that he might like to come over and visit and look at my quilts. He knows a lot about how to evaluate old stuff, that being one of his enterprises, so that could be something we could do, as I am surely tired unto death of chat dates.

He got right back at me about how he can’t be my boyfriend and finds me emotionally alarming. I wrote him about how I can’t control how I feel about him, but I can decide what to do about these feelings, and then some more about how I am not Desperate for a Man, and how difficult it is to deal with men who believe that about me, and how rape-enabling that is.

That was not easy to write.

So now he says maybe he’ll come by and visit before he leaves town again, and will give me some notice first. Okay. Also we wrote some about autism and bipolar disorder and its variants. Okay. He thinks his brother and I are bipolar. I think we’re both cyclothymic and drink a lot. Okay. 


Then I got into a long chat conversation with a Facebook friend who just got banned from Daily Kos, after ten years. He’s a bad boy but he’s smart, and has a lot of sensible things to say.

I think the main reason I pay attention to Daily Kos anymore is to watch for the banned. Like the Catcher in the Rye. Someone should be there. 

Be kind to people, my mother wrote me the other day. We’re all going to die eventually, and quite possibly alone and with great difficulty. It won’t be nice. It’s the thing our culture is busy hiding. But what matters is what you do in between.


I Still Think I’m A Kossack

6 Apr

I still think I’m a Kossack

Yes, I was banned at the beginning of the Great Purge of the Fall of 2011, for apologizing to edrie, and throwing rocks at the IGTNT bloggers, and generally not at least giving lip service to the whole Democratic promotion thing, because though these small efforts are helpful in small ways, they’re still a day late and a dollar short.

I’m in good company, imho.

But I got to know people there, including the currently Unbanned. Some of these people are concerned with using Daily Kos as a platform to get eyes on their fundraising projects. I still donate to some of these projects, when I can. I respect their being willing to ignore some things just to get those eyes.

I still think I’m a Kossack because I still care about Kossacks. I still read the blog a lot, I still get angry when I think people are being treated poorly. Some of these people get banned, or leave on their own accord. Some of them are supported, and that’s good. 

I still think I’m a Kossack because I don’t think a small group of people should get to decide what a community is, and whom that community constitutes.

I still think I’m a Kossack because I think the community Daily Kos has built is bigger than the blog Markos owns, the blog elfling works for, casually banning people with poor explanation.

This community is not only bigger, but older than Daily Kos.

They don’t get to own us. We were here long before them, and we may well be here long after they’re gone.

I am a Kossack because I represent some of the best ideals of being a Kossack. I hate warfare, misogyny, racism, bigotry of all kinds. If Kossacks would like to debate any of this, then it will be time to reframe being a Kossack as utter failure. 

Stop the Slaughter of Ancient Oaks in Northern California

6 Apr


This is about spending fifty-eight million per mile to build a highway and kill a bunch of nice old trees. Well how special! Since what we really need is more humans driving around more and more and faster and faster, in their encapsulated little pods.

Oh, and also more dead trees, can’t get enough of that.

Top Comment, Incipient War Edition

3 Apr

We Have Always Been At War With Eastasia

Here we go again. North Korea is moving something around that maybe is something that looks like a Big Bad Missile! Let’s bomb ’em! It’s like the Golden Rule: “Do Unto Others Before They Do It To You.”

“Pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease can we have a new war? The other ones are all dirty and no fun anymore. A war with North Korea would be all bright and shiny, and this time we promise we’ll take care of it. 

Pretty please?” – gratuitous

But never fear…we’re good to go. (h/t to Azazello)

But seriously folks, our Leaders have been tricking us into believing we need to go ruin countries in Asia for a good fifty years now, and it’s all been based on lies.

Meanwhile, how about the question Americans are so unwilling to ask?

What did we do to piss these people off so much? And why do we think it’s anything other than crazy to keep doing it?

Homelessness Essay

2 Apr


Great autobigraphical piece that did not make your recommended list, Kossacks. Just sayin’.

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