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The Trap Is Gone. The Light Is Off.

28 Dec

This is like chess. Has the cat trap been removed, or knight-jumped behind the shrubbery somewhere? And what about the light? I don’t see it gleaming in the background upon a new strategic location.

What on earth will happen next? Now that I have been informed that I have devils in me because I had the temerity to be furious about my cat being trapped without warning and left in the freezing rain, it’s hard to even guess. 

Meanwhile, someone suggested this to me. Tempting.


Thanks, Lily!

25 Dec

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like Torturing Your Cat, Poisoning Your Dog, And Accusing You Of Being Full Of Devils.

Thanks, Lily!

Fortunately, you haven’t killed any of us yet, and I got Jess out and she was promptly adopted into Cat Lottery Win. Meanwhile, everyone else nonhuman is consigned into quarters unless supervised. Because you are so fucking batshit crazy that I don’t want you within 500 feet of any of us without a wall in the way. Or me.

Thank Dog you don’t know about drones.

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