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The Milkman of Human Kindness

10 Dec

By Miade

“The 25th November, 2015 was International White Ribbon Day, to mark the occasion an event was organized in the Pillar Room of the Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. The White Ribbon Campaign is a global male led campaign which aims at ending all forms of men’s violence against women & girls which includes prostitution. Ireland is very lucky to have a remarkable man and my dearest friend Tom Meagher as our White Ribbon advocate. I was honoured to be asked by Tom to be the closing speaker and here is my speech. (some familiar words at the start but please read on).”


“As today is a remarkable day, a gathering of many leading men and women who have decided to take a stand and join the fight to end all forms of men’s violence against women and girls, I thought I would share a brief story from the street that reflects that. You see, my search in life as always been for the good, even on that street I tried to find it, and on this one night it made itself visible. It was a freezing cold night in November, about 7yrs ago and it was the only night I had ever gone out to the street and had not been purchased by someone which had left me with no money. By 3.30am I knew I would be there till morning, I had enough change on me to get the bus home but would have to wait until they began. I walked into the driveway of the first house on the Burlington Road and huddled up in the corner of the door way, I tried to cover every inch of my skin with my long black coat. I placed my hands up the opposite sleeves of my coat and tucked the end of my coat under my boots. I can’t remember ever feeling that cold before, the shivering becomes uncontrollable, and eventually your limbs go numb but there’s a strange stinging sensation also. I tried to hum or remember tunes in my head to keep myself awake, I was terrified to sleep in case I didn’t wake up and yet I longed for that, for I knew that the street was killing me slowly and maybe tonight was my night. After about two hours or so I heard footsteps coming into the drive on the gravel, my heart began to pound, I tried to reach into my bag to get my pencil. I had decided after the last time I had been raped that if a buyer ever tried to rape me again, I would stick a sharp pencil in him, it wouldn’t do much damage but it would give me enough time to get away. But my fingers were too stiff; I couldn’t find it in my bag. Then I heard a voice, a man’s voice but he spoke softly “are you alright” he said. I must have had a panicked look on my face when I looked up at him, because he said quickly, “I’m not gonna hurt you, I’m the Milkman, I just want to know if you’re alright”. I told him I was grand and thanks. He asked me why I was there, I told him I hadn’t made any money and was stuck until the buses started but that wouldn’t be too long and I’d be grand. His voice got firmer, “You won’t be grand, you’re frozen solid, how much would a taxi be to your home” he asked. About 20 euros I said. Well you stay there and I’ll go get one for you. No, I’m alright you don’t have to do that I replied. He turned back around and faced me, he said “I not leaving a woman, half-dressed, frozen solid on a street like this; sure anything could happen you Love, now don’t move and I’ll be back. The minutes passed and then I heard him call me, “C’mon love I have a taxi”. I got up off the cold steps and walked slowly out the gate to the taxi. He opened the door for me and I got in, he placed 30 euros in my hand, I said “You’ve given me too much money”, “I know” he said, “stop and get yourself a coffee and something to eat on the way home”. I said thanks but I don’t know when I can pay this back. He smiled and replied “just get home & get warm & I never said I wanted it back love”. He shut the car door and I left. I stared out the window until I could no longer see him and part of me didn’t want to leave him. The milkman of Human Kindness as the song says, because before we are anything we are human.”

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