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Oh, Mommy

16 Feb

So why are you transwomen so obsessed with lesbians? I keep reading all this “You’re such bigots because you don’t want me to insert my ladystick in you.” Geez people, can’t you just date each other? What with your all being so much better women than lesbians? So much more svelte and better put together and stuff?

I think a lot of you have a serious lure-of-the-receding-object problem. All women must desire your ladystick, or else we’re all bigots.

So where does that come from? Wanting to do Mommy, perhaps? But Mommy is off limits, because of the whole incest taboo thing.


Hmmm. Maybe there are some other off-limits women to be fixated upon. Ones who aren’t protected by the incest taboo.

Enter (unwittingly) lesbians. An overall pleasant cohort of women born women who mostly just want to be left alone to date and even sometimes fall in love with each other, and who often work to promote women’s rights and women’s organizing. Women who have no sexual interest in male bodies. Women who are oh so frequently intelligent and thoughtful and considerate and supportive, especially to each other.

The perfect target. A whole bunch of mommies to go after! Mommies who do not care about boys (you) more than they do about each other!

Mommies To Be Invaded!

Successful Invasion Of Mommies Solves Everything!

Well, except climate disruption, racism, pedophilia, rape, environmental disasters, assorted poisonings, sexual trafficking of women and children, pollution, vicious behaviours of assorted stripes, nonhuman abuse, fresh water shortages, famine…

No worries. Once the Mommies submit, they’ll fix all this. That’s what Mommies are for. 

A Letter To A Pastor

28 Nov

A Letter To A Pastor

Something I emailed to a local liberal pastor today, after perusing his church’s website. 


Hi. I have a question for you.

Regarding your noting that you are welcoming of everyone regardless of gender identity, does this mean that you do not believe women have the right to any public spaces that are penis-free? Including, but not limited to: public restrooms, locker rooms, shelters, and prison cells?

Because that’s where this goes, legally. See California.

I don’t see how that constitutes radical unconditional love, though it does come off as rape-enabling.

Men should have every right to present any way they want without being discriminated against or abused. But they should not have the right to decide they are women. It’s an insult to women and dangerous. It’s also unscientific. There is no solid science to support gendered brains, it’s all been debunked.

I really wonder how much you’ve looked into this. Overall your mission statement etc. and activities in this community are commendable and admirable. I’ve always thought you a delightful joyous person. I appreciate your non-discrimination policy about homosexuals no end, especially since this is a difficult town for such.

But men, as a class, are dangerous to women, and transwomen profile the same (or worse) than other men with regards to violence. They run high with personality disorders, IV drug use, prostitution and HIV. While I agree wholeheartedly that these damaged people should not be shunned, they do tend to insist they are really women, which is an imposition on women. They mostly do not have vagioplasties. Some also insist they are lesbians, including the intact ones, and claim lesbians discriminate against them for not wanting to date them and their “lady-sticks.”

Women who insist they are men are a whole nother ball of wax. Gender role enforcement drives all of this, though, and women are not a trash can caste in which to dump non-gender-conforming men. In fact, it can be argued well that transgender philosophy is homophobic, as children who identify with the opposite sex often grow up to be gay or lesbian, if not interfered with.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Miep Rowan O’Brien

Standing Up For Lesbians

18 Oct

Standing Up For Lesbians

Women born with at least mostly women physical stuff, women treated like women are treated are treated. Standing up for lost souls and travesties, standing up for brave butch lovers defaulting, standing up for the lost, the dead, the hopeless and the forgotten.

My favorite Andrea Dworkin quote to date, is where she talks about how men assume it will be allowed to have some women used, some who will not be missed…and at the end of Andrea’s speech, she says, no! We miss her! We want her back!

And Andrea Dworkin publicly identified as a lesbian. I want her back too, it entirely totally sucks that she died too young. Kind of hard on your bod when you’re always attacked in public. You hide. Where will you work your life, work your body without fear?

Now, I want lesbians back. I am really worried about lesbians, especially butch lesbians. 

I don’t really know who you are, but at the same time you resonate with me. I wish I had heard from you earlier, or listened sooner. Though we have all had our rivers to cross.

It’s a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you. xox.

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