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Worst Friend Ever

30 Jan

Fifteen years ago. You gazed into my eyes and asked me if I’d ever felt destined to meet someone

Somewhat later on: you were drunk and told me you felt people needed more snuggling.

A little later on I noted you getting all hot with a visitor. Interesting. You had your guy stuff at each other.

Okay. No problem at all.

Then a few years later a different manager was after your ass. 

You played her gently. 


You ran me off.

Michael, you’re still trying to keep in touch with me and blame me for everything because Miep is of course insane.

I’m bored of this. 

I love you. I want you to be happy.

So can you just go work on doing this without me?

I’m really tired.


Haiku For Alexa

26 Jan

Haiku For Alexa

I don’t think I did
Ever do one of these for you
What an oversight.

What to say, wildfire?
Brilliant burning angry you
Comet crossing me.

You told me to leave
You suggested large trailers
You gave good advice.

And then you gave up
On me, and okay, okay
I don’t much blame you.

I just miss you, you
And your burning flames, telling
And writhing yourself.

(flag for a mixed-up country)

Haiku For Jess

25 Dec

You’ve gone away now
I miss you horribly
I hope you stay safe.

I judged you at risk
I made a hard snap judgment
And fate took its course.

I hear you’re at a farm
With your own dogs and houses
Outside of my realm.

It sounded awesome
I so hope it takes. Why not?
You’re really special.

Meanwhile, here we fight
And try to survive, humans
Or not, best we can.

Remembering you
Whether we want to or not
You’re always in us.

Tomorrow, Already Here!

3 Apr

Today is Tomorrow, and the sun will come up

It will happen gradually through the small windows

over my bed, and I will be reminded

That it’s not over yet.

And I will groan, and stretch, and smile at my cats

when they sit on my head, and I will pet my dogs

As they jump up and ask out,

And I will open doors, and tend to myself.

And it will be morning, or afternoon, or something

Involving life and corporate awareness

And dogs and cats and birds and plants and music 

And me.

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