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1 Jan


(image by Evan Animals on Flickr)

These are orangutans. They used to live where there are palm oil plantations. If they’re lucky they just get murdered. If they’re not so lucky they get turned into sex slaves


Fortunately some nice people came in with guns and rescued her.


Nutella is junk food made out of sugar and palm oil and cheap chocolate likely, and fake vanilla. How the hell did this crap get turned into some kind of Internet icon?

I bet something like this would taste a lot better.


Or if that doesn’t blow your skirts up, how about some nice bacon cookies? Mmmmm….bacon….


Hark, Hark, The Dogs Do Bark

19 Apr

Hark, Hark, The Dogs Do Bark

But what are they saying? 

And when the birds sing in the trees, is it really for our enjoyment?

Dumb animals, can’t understand Human.

Except they do. Border collies, poor enslavedly bred souls that they are, can learn hundreds of words of Human. I am caretaker for one border collie, Casey, and another half-border collie, half Great Pyrenees, Falcor. Both rescue dogs, abandoned by humans. Wonderful people. It would be hard on any of us to lose each other.

Chimps have learned a lot of Human. Gorillas have learned them some Human too.

How much have we learned of their languages?

I was watching one of Derrick Jensen’s interviews on YouTube the other day, in which he noted that he thought that songbirds are gossiping, and ground squirrels or prairie dogs, I forget, are all just spending their time when vocalizing, mostly talking stuff about each other. Because they, like we humans, do make choices as to which of our conspecifics we want to hang around with. “Him? Oh, you know about him…”

I think I usually know what my dogs are saying, because we live closely together and I rarely leave them for long. Thus I know their patterns, their vocalizing. As they know mine.

I know immediately when they are responding to something that is out of the usual pattern, the usual order.

As do they when I am responding to such happenings.

Except they’re better at it. They know when I’m awake, and they know when I’m just pretending to sleep. Especially the cats, who then sit on my head.

The dogs are more polite.

I do feel grateful to have these nonhumans here, messing up my life with their claws and their barking at odd moments, with their shit that I have to manage, their potential effects upon my neighbors and that code enforcement guy, although he did like my dogs (they said so).

But I wish humans would listen to nonhumans more. 


14 Apr


I live with two dogs and two cats. They all need me to let them in and out. 

This is because I worry. I worry that if I made them their own door, they’d get in trouble. Casey the Border Collie would freak out at some noise and claw himself over the fence and run off. Jess the Calico Cat would take to working the streets and never come back again.

Charlotte the Mildly Autistic Tortoise Shell would likely still hang around and sleep on my spot on the couch. She likes being an indoor-ish cat. Caught herself a big mouse on the stoop this evening though. I was effusive with praise. Jess hung back and looked at me a bit plaintively, perhaps suggesting that she’d had a role in this fine capture of this exceptionally impressive mouse?

Likely. I’ve seen them tag-team before.

My other inhouse non-human here is The Fabulous Furry Frolicking Falcor. All my pets are rescues, and he and the cats date from last year. Falc is a border collie-Great Pyrenees cross, and is okay left in the yard, but still, I worry. What if something horribly terrifying happened while I was gone? I’ve only been his human since last summer. We haven’t done the thunderstorm thing since the weather hasn’t been cooperating. 

So, I do the door thing all the time. I keep my non-human peeps here in, I keep them out occasionally. But it all seems so rude on my part. 

There is an ex-pet door, covered over with plywood, that I could uncover and rework. I could also fit it with a movable cover.

Point being, I spend a lot of time here on my turf. I like to keep doors closed because of flies. (mosquitoes are technically flies.) So why am I being so controlling about this door thing with my nonhuman friends? 

I can probably fix this by knocking out a little sheetrock, maybe cutting back a few two-by-fours some, and making some kind of flap and then working out an interior barrier with plywood and slotted hardware. 

Yes, I can.

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