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Do It To Facebook

10 Jan


O Facebook

Again you accost me with

mysterious requests. “Click on this!” You say

or else I am out

yet nothing happens, Facebook

i click, and you are like a torturer

asking me to deny my friends

“do it to Julia,” you say

well Facebook

these are difficult times

but they’re not that difficult

so I think I’ll

just do it to Facebook





1 Jun


I get really frustrated with this. Yes, dithering around saying “Not all men are like that” tends to derail. It doesn’t add anything of substance to the conversation. It’s fucking irritating.

And yes, all men benefit from patriarchy, and yes, all women have their lives interfered with by patriarchy. Yes, all women get hurt. Yes, all men benefit.

What is not true, though, is this trope that all men get off on this, secretly watch porn and lie about it, that no men make any sort of genuine effort to defend women. It is a lie, and an easily disprovable one.

If you think a true feminist movement must completely eschew men, must completely demonize them, then I’m out. That kind of gender essentialism is too defeatist for me. Why bother?

If you think a true feminist movement must demand all-woman spaces, including communities, then yay! I’m totally on board.

But I will not support unsubstantiated statements about “all men” when at least a few men I know do not fit into these wholesale statements about men. It goes beyond my being a radical feminist a bit even, and into my distaste for overgeneralizations and lazy thinking, and ideologies in general.

I will not ignore the men I know, few as they are, who speak up brilliantly and eloquently against other men who support pornstitution and abuse of women generally. I will not pretend they do not exist, no matter how many women insist all men are inherently evil and dishonest.

I don’t do this to get dude props. I do it because I refuse to support any unilateral statements that are so easily disproven. I do it because you are hurting and insulting my few male friends and acquaintances who actually make these sorts of efforts and get harassed and worse for doing so. I do it because I don’t know how the hell you build a movement that is based on this kind of divisiveness and dishonesty.

Sure, be picky about men, eschew them entirely. I don’t mind, that’s your call, separatist sisters. But I can’t really ally with you if you lie about my friends. That’s a real problem for me. It’s bloody gaslighting, just for starters. And it really pisses me off. Do you really think I can’t tell a man who has become thoroughly inculcated into this crap from one who is actively trying to fight it?

I can tell the difference quite well, and I pay a huge amount of attention to the details, to the tells. I assure you, I am quite brutal about whether I consider a man a good, trustworthy friend.

I am sure it is completely exhilarating to get all emotionally into “I HATE MEN THEY ARE ALL EVIL.” Whatever. Not my rodeo.

But don’t try to fight with me about it using crap arguments. I know the arguments. I have been reading and watching this stuff for several years now.

I assure you that I am quite angry at men as a class, but I am angry at their behavior, not their maleness. Their maleness is kind of their own thing. They have dicks, we have other stuff. I don’t have a problem with that. I don’t want them all dead or enslaved. I just want them to socially leave women alone when they are not invited to do otherwise, and stop trying to sell the idea that we are some sort of inferior life form.

I agree that the battle is difficult and far from won. But I will not agree with the claim that men never cross sides and stand with us, because I know it, as a fact, to be a lie. Don’t expect me to agree with lies. I consider it shameful to do so.

One more thing? I’m not closing comments to this post but I will not post any nonsense about transgender ideology or MRA crap or aaannything like that. Don’t waste your time.

On Being Gender Critical

18 Feb

It is worth noting that the DSM-V continues to consider gender identity disorder, or gender dysphoria, a social anxiety condition resultant from not being treated with cross-hormones and sexual reassignment surgery, while transgender advocates have taken to arguing that they should be allowed to cross gender and be treated like members of the opposite sex even if they do not wish these medical treatments upon themselves.

I do not advocate for SRS, as it is major surgery and not only destroys healthy genitalia, but also may result in medical complications such as perforated bowels, and requires ongoing maintenance, including daily dilation of the neovagina that the body reacts to as the open wound it is. And even after screening, some people are not happy with the outcome and want to have the surgery reversed. I can’t say how unspeakably tragic this is.

And this is just for men who want SRS. It’s even worse for women.

But not advocating for SRS does not automatically equate to advocating for gender-crossing without medical intervention. It is an unfortunate fact that some predatory men will take advantage of the destruction of safe spaces for women and girls by invading them and engaging in lewd and sexually aggressive behaviors. We have laws against indecent exposure for very good reasons.

Gender identity disorders have no proven physical cause, though many have tried to demonstrate otherwise. Thus these confused people must be seen as victims of a culture that enforces gender roles. It’s astounding how deep this conditioning can run.

Gender critical people are often accused of being of the conservative right. This could not be further from the truth. The conservative right treats women as individual property, of the father and then of the husband. The left celebrates the prostitution of women and generally expects us to act as communal sexual property if we do not take on the role of being owned by one specific man.

Being gender critical is about freeing everyone from the constraints of gender. It is not about promoting the abuse of people who are confused about gender. But it is also not about women being the catch-all class for non-conforming men, or otherwise being expected to tend to male victims of male violence.

Women like Lierre Keith are brave enough to speak out about the evils of socially pressuring everyone into these roles, even with the threats and violence directed against her. Seriously, what kind of “real woman” threatens a woman with rape if she does not agree he is a woman?

A very sick one, and not a woman at all.

While I do not argue all transgender activists are as crazy and violent as some of the more high profile ones, I do not see many transgender people making any attempt to distance themselves from these people. As long as this situation continues, I can only sadly conclude that transgender people are comfortable with being associated with terrorists.

Oh, Mommy

16 Feb

So why are you transwomen so obsessed with lesbians? I keep reading all this “You’re such bigots because you don’t want me to insert my ladystick in you.” Geez people, can’t you just date each other? What with your all being so much better women than lesbians? So much more svelte and better put together and stuff?

I think a lot of you have a serious lure-of-the-receding-object problem. All women must desire your ladystick, or else we’re all bigots.

So where does that come from? Wanting to do Mommy, perhaps? But Mommy is off limits, because of the whole incest taboo thing.


Hmmm. Maybe there are some other off-limits women to be fixated upon. Ones who aren’t protected by the incest taboo.

Enter (unwittingly) lesbians. An overall pleasant cohort of women born women who mostly just want to be left alone to date and even sometimes fall in love with each other, and who often work to promote women’s rights and women’s organizing. Women who have no sexual interest in male bodies. Women who are oh so frequently intelligent and thoughtful and considerate and supportive, especially to each other.

The perfect target. A whole bunch of mommies to go after! Mommies who do not care about boys (you) more than they do about each other!

Mommies To Be Invaded!

Successful Invasion Of Mommies Solves Everything!

Well, except climate disruption, racism, pedophilia, rape, environmental disasters, assorted poisonings, sexual trafficking of women and children, pollution, vicious behaviours of assorted stripes, nonhuman abuse, fresh water shortages, famine…

No worries. Once the Mommies submit, they’ll fix all this. That’s what Mommies are for. 

Transgender Suicide

12 Feb

Here’s Horace’s latest piece about transgender people, regarding a report from the Williams Institute:


Quote from the report:

“The study suggests that several minority stressors – negative experiences related to anti-transgender bias – may contribute to elevated prevalence of suicide attempts among transgender people, such as experiences of harassment, family rejection, housing instability, and discrimination in health care. Over half of those who experienced harassment or bullying in schools reported lifetime suicide attempts, as did 57 percent of those who reported that their family chose not to speak/spend time with them.  High prevalence of suicide attempts was also found among those who had ever experienced homelessness (69%) and those who reported a doctor or healthcare provider refused to treat them (60%).”

These are going to be stressors for anyone and clearly all constitute circumstances no one should have to tolerate. But self-reports of attempted suicide are problematic without external confirmation. If your agenda is to get people to believe something that they are disinclined otherwise to believe, threatening to kill yourself if they don’t go along with it might well be an attractive stance to take. But since some transgenders also periodically threaten to kill feminists, that throws such proclivities for violence in a somewhat different light. Perhaps it seems healthier to direct one’s violence outwards than inwards, but it’s no solution to anything.

Overall, those who claim radical feminism do help stir this pot when they mock transgenders (and please note not all radical feminists engage in this), but a conflict arises when suggesting they not do so, because women are so weary of being told to shut up thusly, when we are subjected endlessly to being mocked by men. So we’re angry at oppressive men, transgenders are angry at everyone who doesn’t believe in transgender philosophy, and thus we can fall into framing each other as the enemy.

Transgenders can be explosive about being “misgendered,” as if this is tantamount to being murdered or called subhuman, as opposed to simply a different understanding of what gender is.  Transactivists frame this as their not being accepted as their “real” gender, radical feminists frame this as the culture at large being unaccepting of and feeling threatened by those who do not conform to prescribed gender roles. This is about the difference between actual sex, and expected gender performance.

What we don’t see, from inside this culture, is what things would be like for people in a culture that does not engage in gender role conditioning. Would there be male violence in such a culture, including suicidal ideation and actions? Would there be people with intense identifications with one biological sex or the other? Would there be all this anxiety and searching for belonging via specific gendered roles?

We can’t answer this without changing the culture, and we can’t change the culture as long as people cling to gender roles and identities. Thus we are at something of an impasse. It is unfortunate, as gender roles are really just another kind of prison.

“A cage went in search of a bird.” – Franz Kafka

No, We Are Not Sockpuppets

10 Feb

Wall Nietszche

We are individual actual humans who want all of us to be free from the constraints of patriarchy, including you who identify as transgender.

We support the right of humans to marry any other consenting adult they wish. I doubt you could find a DGR member who thinks it important that “sex” even be a box on a marriage contract.

We do not support violence against humans who identify as transgender, even though some of you do it to us.

We fully support freedom of gender and sexual expression, as long as it does not encompass pedophilia or non-consensual sexual behavior. 

We deplore the abuses of pornography and prostitution, but also abhor punishing humans, mostly women, who are used thusly.

Our work is to encourage respect for all life, and such must start at home, with our own species.

 Biological sex just is what it is, and can’t be imagined away. But gender roles are damaging constructs that are hardest on women. When XY people want to be considered XX people, they ignore how hard it is on XX people who are born, bred and socialized as women, to be expected to give you top billing, because of your oppression.

We know non-conforming XY humans have a hard time of it. Because Gender is really strict. You have a penis and want to wear pink? The gender police will go after your ass. 

You are XX and have zero interest in performing femininity, like me?

The gender police will go after your ass too. 

We’re all being victimized by this crap.

But we’re also all colonized by it, including XY humans who talk themselves into female spaces and behave like gender-colonized men; sexually acting out, scaring women and girls. And yes, even raping them, when XY people with intact genitalia are housed with XX people in prisons.

This happens. We’re not just making it up.

Radical feminists and allies are not out to get people who have gender identity issues. Our hopes are that you can work your way past the horrible things this culture has done to you, and understand that our goal is to free everyone from the horrible laws of gender.

But meanwhile, we work to protect women and girls, who have been sadly abused for centuries. We can’t put men first, even when you have been sadly abused yourselves. We especially cannot do this if you insist on invading women’s spaces. 

We have so little, and men have so much. We’re not just here for you to lean on. We have our own goals that often have nothing to do with supporting human males. Sometimes we even want to work to save our world from imploding into self-destruction.

Is it so much to ask of women that you let us do this? 

The essay in question:


One of Xavier’s comments. It’s worth reading them all, he did such an excellent job of debating here. 

Read them all. All the DGR radical feminist advocates, both male and female, handled this with integrity. 



9 Jan

“Couric explained that she just wants to be educated and that a lot of people are curious because they’re “not familiar with transgenders.” She told Cox that Carrera had “recoiled” when asked about surgery and said that cis people are preoccupied with “the genitalia question.” Couric wondered if Cox felt the same way about that question and about cis people’s attitudes towards trans women. As soon as Cox started telling her that, yes, she keeps her private parts private and that cis people do have an obsession with trans women’s genitalia, she really started picking up steam. Cox said that the preoccupation with genitalia and transition objectifies trans women and distracts us from the real issues.”

From GenderTrender


Are Men Redeemable?

24 Oct

I was thinking tonight about how the fundamental split in feminist thinking is not about porn and prostitution, or gender identity, but about whether men are inherently violent. 

If a woman is, to this extent, a gender essentialist, she is left with two rough choices: accept the existing male-dominated structure, or devote herself to trying to extricate herself from involvement with men as much as possible. Work within the system quietly, or absent yourself as much as possible. (The third choice of exercising a hostile takeover is perhaps another example of a philosophical split, but outside the scope of this discussion).

If she is a social constructionist, her aims will be different: to work both within the system of patriarchy to support women, and to openly criticize it and try to change it, also from within. This position assumes men as a class are both capable of and willing to accept stepping down from their socioeconomic position of power over women, an assumption clearly unproven.

This question of whether the male class can substantially change their behavior towards women does play out widely in the context of the porn/prostitution debate, though; as does another question: how does what we do change who we are? How much can we detach ourselves from our actions? Violent porn and violent bought sex are quite popular, and by many accounts becoming more so. When does the game become real, and is it ever really just a game?

The existence of men who are to all appearances gentle and actually like women beyond wanting to fuck us, does argue that there is hope. I’m not so paranoid as to insist they are all fakes. I’m even acquainted with a few. I think.

But the thing so many do where they suddenly go nuts without much warning and physically attack people, is still deeply worrisome. Also, does it really make sense to be so complacent about a huge cohort of individuals, many of whom consider themselves entitled to stick things inside another huge cohort of individuals, at will? That doesn’t seem right. That seems kind of violent, actually.

So is “sex-positive feminism” social constructionist or gender essentialist? Is it about progress through normalization, or merely giving in to biological fate? If men are allowed to sexually use us at will, will they be nicer to us? Will they stop hitting us so much?

Or will shit just get worse? Like it used to be, say a few hundred years ago?

I find myself wanting to be a social constructionist but feeling more gender essentialist, if only out of pragmatism. But that gets me back to how what one does affects who one is. Gender essentialism feels like giving up, but so does turning violent porn and prostitution into a growth industry, which is what happens under capitalism, especially when one legalizes things. 

And I am again thrown back to the original question. If we give men more violence, will they become less violent? This hardly seems likely. If we restrict their access to violence, will they become more or less violent? Answer not clear. But we can’t answer it for men, their actions constitute their own answers to this question. And all the mansplaining in the world won’t change that.


22 Oct

I decided to delete my Facebook account because their moderation is biased, incompetent and outsourced; because their software is tediously glitchy, because the people who own it promote the keystone pipeline, and because the whole place is set up to enable a wide variety of trolling and various sorts of abuses.

So I asked Google how to do it, and Google was helpful. But Daddy Facebook makes you wait two weeks to delete your account, meanwhile you can only deactivate it.

Thanks Daddy Facebook, for helping me protect myself from my immature urges, when you weren’t blocking my account because some asshole reported a news article that pointed out that men can be dangerous, that someone posted on a page I was associated with.  “This is your second warning!” you said. 

I feel so safe knowing your mods are working hard to keep women down, preferably with their heads in toilets. 

And the two week delay? How abortion-like.

And all the ignoring of the real abuse?


Standing Up For Lesbians

18 Oct

Standing Up For Lesbians

Women born with at least mostly women physical stuff, women treated like women are treated are treated. Standing up for lost souls and travesties, standing up for brave butch lovers defaulting, standing up for the lost, the dead, the hopeless and the forgotten.

My favorite Andrea Dworkin quote to date, is where she talks about how men assume it will be allowed to have some women used, some who will not be missed…and at the end of Andrea’s speech, she says, no! We miss her! We want her back!

And Andrea Dworkin publicly identified as a lesbian. I want her back too, it entirely totally sucks that she died too young. Kind of hard on your bod when you’re always attacked in public. You hide. Where will you work your life, work your body without fear?

Now, I want lesbians back. I am really worried about lesbians, especially butch lesbians. 

I don’t really know who you are, but at the same time you resonate with me. I wish I had heard from you earlier, or listened sooner. Though we have all had our rivers to cross.

It’s a pleasure getting to know you. Thank you. xox.

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