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Lily, You Suck Bigtime

21 Dec

Jess at the shelter

You’re my neighbor, Lily. Remember all the vegetables I grew that I gave you? Remember all that other stuff I gave you?

Because we’re neighbors! as you always said.

I thought, okay. I want to be on good terms with my neighbors. That’s only sensible.

Remember my sweet cat Alice? The one who visited you and whom you let indoors? She caught you some mice, you said. That was nice.

Alice got sick and died ten years ago. But meanwhile, I adopted an equally sweet cat, Jess. She used to visit you. I hoped you had become friends, even though you weren’t speaking to me after the last accusatory insane outburst.

I’d pretty much given up on you, Lily. I know, you’re really old. But you’re also really crazy.

And you feed my dogs chicken bones and fat over the fence. And you trapped my poor cat Jess and left her in the rain for a long time before Animal Control came and got her.

I hear she was really freaked. This is animal abuse, Lily. You are a sociopath, Lily. Because that’s what sociopaths do. Torture cats.

Jess has gone to the animal shelter now. I hope your traumatizing of her won’t ruin her chances of adoption. She was a perfect cat and would have loved to be your friend, like Alice was. Jess loves dogs, she would not have hurt your chihuahua. If you still have him. If you haven’t murdered him somehow.

I’m looking forward to your death, Lily. I plan to dance on your grave. Because you really, seriously suck. I hear all your kids don’t want to have anything to do with you. Wise move.

I’m a sensible person and don’t make death threats, nor act to hurt people, because I am kind, which you are not. You are merely manipulative, narcissistic, whiny and cat-torturing.

So, not to worry. I’m not going to do anything to you.

Well, other than pointing out that you really, really suck. 

That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

18 Mar

That Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

I was interacting with a blogger friend tonight who does not think there are sociopaths, only people who accuse each other of being sociopaths.

I don’t agree, but as always, blueness makes good points. This has become yet another stolen term. We throw language at each other, we steal it, we co-opt it for our own selfish purposes. We treat it like crap, flinging it at each other.

What does “natural” mean these days? Absolutely nothing. It doesn’t even have a legal definition.

What’s a sociopath? Somebody you don’t like, blueness says. I will argue that some people are likable and dangerous, people with the morals of housecats. Except we like housecats. There’s that. 

Maybe a sociopath is just feral. Except feral predators don’t try to trick you. They lie in wait, but you’re supposed to know how to watch out for that. They don’t show up in coffee shops and sweet talk you.

I’m trying to work with the concept that there aren’t any sociopaths, even though I don’t buy it, because I respect blueness a great deal, and when a friend tries to get something across, I try to listen.

If there aren’t any sociopaths, what else isn’t there? 

I’ll leave it at that.

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