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Lee Lakeman and Alice Lee, Chris Hedges Interview

2 Dec

This is well worth twenty-five minutes of your life.

Days of Revolt: The Moral Bankruptcy of the Left on Prostitution

Alice Lee, Asian Women Ending Prostitution

Lee Lakeman, Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter

The Everyday Violence of Modern Culture

2 Dec

By Max Wilbert / Deep Green Resistance

Modern society — industrial civilization — is built on violence.

This violence goes largely unnoticed. When it is noticed, it’s often seen a series of isolated incidents, rather than a fundamental part of the dominant culture.


Here is an average morning inside of this culture.

First, you wake up on top of a foam mattress offgassing toxic VOCs that will not biodegrade in 10,000 years. You sit up and put on your clothes — all with tags reading “Bangladesh” and “Puerto Rico” and “Dominican Republic.” These clothes were made by virtual slaves.

You walk downstairs and fill a glass with water from the tap. The water comes from a local river that was dammed 127 years ago. Ever since, native species in the watershed have been in decline. You drink the water.

You pour yourself a bowl of cereal. The cereal is made of wheat and corn grown in what was once the tallgrass prairie of the eastern Great Plains. Ninety nine percent of that habitat – millions of acres – was plowed and utterly destroyed to grow those crops. The soil is gone now; your meal is only possible through fossil fuel fertilizers.

You add milk; it comes from a factory farm nearby, where cattle are packed in next to each other in squalor and pumped full of antibiotics and rBGH (genetically modified growth hormone) to increase production. The cows are in pain; their imprisonment is fouling the land around them. The cereal tastes good.

Read the rest at the link.

Haiku For Facebook

25 Jun

Haiku For Facebook

Like a sociopath
You keep us here and willing
We need each other.

The occasionial
Glitch, removal and fail
That’s just details.

Because you love us
O Facebook, in your wisdom
That insults us so.

Late at night I’m trolled
In disallowed ways, but still
Boundaries are transgressed.

Facebook, you hate me
You enable hateful people
Who laugh and threaten.

Is that funny, Facebook?
Do you casually snicker
When I get threatened?

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